Simple Green® Oven and Microwave Cleaner
Available in These Sizes:
540 mL

Simple Green® Oven and Microwave Cleaner

Simple Green® Oven & Microwave Cleaner is the safer solution to other harsh degreasers used to clean baked-on food and grease. Its non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning power will leave the surface residue-free and give you the peace of mind for the next roast dinner.

Specially formulated in a ready-to-use, fast-acting, clinging foam, it goes on effortlessly, penetrates quickly and removes baked-on grease, food and carbon deposits from almost any vertical surface and narrow space.

In step with our environmental responsibility, the foam contains no *CFCs and the 100% recyclable cans are made with partially recycled steel.

Simple Green Oven & Microwave Cleaner’s non-flammable formula contains no caustic fumes and is heavy-duty and non-corrosive.

*CFCs: Chlorofluorocarbons

Where To Use

With its unique clinging ability, Simple Green Oven & Microwave Cleaner is much more versatile than other single-purpose cleaners. Aside from ovens & microwaves, it works great on other greasy stubborn areas like range hoods, vents, filters and cooking utensils, just to name a few.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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